Arduino Program to Implement Quine McCluskey Algorithm (Part 4 of 5)

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We had already seen the circuit for implementing the Quine McCluskey algorithm using arduino mega in one of the previous part. Here, we will see the working of the circuit by inputting three minterms 4, 5 and 6 with five variables to be minimized.

After completing the circuit, download the program given in the following link and upload it to your arduino board.

Download Arduino Program from Here [ Tested on Arduino 1.6.0 ]

If uploading is successful,

  • Press 4
  • Press ‘A’ to enter 4.
  • Press 5
  • Press ‘A’ to enter 5.
  • Press 6
  • Press ‘A’  to enter 6.
  • Press ‘B’ to run McCluskey algorithm using 4, 5 and 6. Press ‘B’ again to run the McCluskey algorithm again using the same minterms.
  • Press ‘C’ to reset the system to default.

Essential prime implicants giving minimized expression are :

  • E’ D’ C B’
  • E’ D’ C A’

There are two essential prime implicants. Only one prime implicant can be displayed at a time. To demonstrate E’ D’ C B’ :

  • E will be GREEN.
  • D will be GREEN.
  • C will be RED.
  • B will be GREEN
  • A will be OFF

To demonstrate E’ D’ C A’ :

  • E will be GREEN.
  • D will be GREEN.
  • C will be RED.
  • B will be OFF
  • A will be GREEN

There will be a one second delay in between these two prime implicants.

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