Circuit to Connect 433.92 MHz RF Transmitter to Arduino Uno (Part 2 of 3)

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Connecting an RF Transmitter to arduino is a simple task. It will take only two or three minutes to complete such a simple circuit. Circuit is done as shown in the following diagram.

Connections can be summarized as :

  • GND terminal of transmitter is connected to the GND pin of arduino uno.
  • DATA terminal of transmitter is connected to the digital pin 12 of arduino uno.
  • VCC terminal of transmitter is connected to the 5V terminal of arduino uno.

After completing the circuit, upload the following program to your arduino board. Before uploading the program, VirtualWire library should be installed properly in your arduino IDE. Read my previous part for installing the VirtualWire library in your arduino IDE.

#include <VirtualWire.h>

void setup()
    // Initialize the IO and ISR
    vw_setup(2000); // Bits per sec
void loop()
void send (char *message)
    vw_send((uint8_t *)message, strlen(message));
    vw_wait_tx(); // Wait until the whole message has gone

If uploading is successful, your transmitter will start transmitting “Hello……”.

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