Communication Between Two Arduinos by 433.92 MHz RF Modules (Part 1 of 3)

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This is a 434MHz RF transmitter and receiver which is used for short range wireless control applications. Transmitter power supply ranges from 3 – 12V which makes it suitable for battery powered applications. I purchased RF transmitter and receiver from rhydolabz.

Images of a 434 MHz RF transmitter and receiver is shown below. Both transmitter and receiver have a data pin. Data given to the transmitter will be send to air. Receiver will receive the signal and can be easily taken through the data terminal of receiver.
untitled (another copy)

RF Transmitter 433.92 MHz ASK Features :

  • Frequency Range : 433.92 MHz
  • Supply Voltage : 3 – 12V
  • Output Power : 4 – 16dBm
  • Circuit Shape : Saw

RF Receiver 433.92 MHz ASK (PLL) Features :

  • The circuit shape of is PLL.
  • On-Chip VCO with integrated PLL using crystal oscillator reference
  • Integrated IF and data filters
  • Receiver Frequency : 433.92 MHz
  • Typical sensitivity : -105dBm
  • Supply Current : 2.5mA
  • IF Frequency : 500KHz
  • Low power consumption
  • Operation voltage : 5 Volts

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