‘Jingle Bells’ using BT66T. Circuit made on a breadboard

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We had already seen the circuit to generate sirens using UM3561 in my previous blog. Here, we will design a simple circuit to generate a melody using BT66T. BT66T is manufactured in different modes of which each mode will be specific for a particular melody. BT66T which I purchased is specific for generating “Jingle Bells”.

Complete the circuit as shown in the following diagram. 2SC9013 is a transistor which function as an amplifier to amplify the signals coming from BT66T. Output will be obtained through the speaker (I am using a 3 W, 4 Ohm speaker).
4000-4000-another-copy (3rd copy)

Pin out diagram of 2SC9013

Screenshot from 2015-07-09 12:29:54

Video demonstration

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