Single digit seven segment display module using 74LS47 IC

Design a 0-9 counter using BCD/Decade counter module

So far, we have seen the method of testing single digit seven segment display module manually. Here, we will design a 0-9 counter using a BCD/Decade counter module. In manual testing, we have to change the position of jumpers to change the count. Here, we will introduce a BCD/Decade counter module between voltage regulator module and single digit seven segment display module. Press the count button on BCD/Decade counter module to increment the count. Reset button will reset the count to 0.

Components required

Step 1

Complete the circuit as given in the following diagram. Press the Count button on BCD/Decade counter module. Count will increment on each press and release. Press the reset button to reset your count to 0. R1 and C1 provided in the BCD/Decade counter will help to set the count to 0, if the circuit is turned OFF and turned ON. R1 and C1 can be be chose as per your wish. I used R1 = 1K and C1 = 220 Micro Farad.

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