7-Digit seven segment display  module from Arduino UNO through 32-bit shift register module

7-digit seven segment display module can be controlled from three digital pins of Arduino UNO through shift register module. Circuit is done as shown in the image. Seven segment display module and shift register module should be powered from an external power supply.

Purchase 7-digit seven segment display module from http://www.haberocean.com/product/7-digit-seven-segment-display-module-with-negative-symbol/

Purchase shift register module from http://www.haberocean.com/product/shift-register-module-using-74hc595/

Upload the following program to your Arduino UNO.

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Single digit seven segment display module using 74LS47 IC


7-Segment displays are always interesting to electronic beginners. Various methods are there to interface 7-segment displays in circuits. 7-Segment displays are of two types.

  • Common anode 7-segment display
  • Common cathode 7-segment display

74LS47 is a BCD to 7-segment decoder/driver which can be used to interface common anode 7-segment displays in circuits. Here, we will see a module using 74LS47 by which we can make a 0-9 counter in few simple steps.

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